Warp Drive

Warp drive is the standard faster-than-light propulsion employed by interstellar civilization.


Methods used to travel at warp involve using ignited plasma to generate a subspace field around a ship, which propels it at faster-than-light speeds.


In the year 2063, Zefram Cochrane, aided by Lily Sloane, successfully developed and tested the warp drive. This test drew a Vulcan scout ship to Earth, resulting in mankind's first contact with an extraterrestrial species.

Discovery of Warp Drive

(Divided by species.)

Humans 2063 A.D.
Vulcans 320 A.D.
Klingons 930 A.D.
Romulans 320 A.D.
Tholians Antiquity
Trill Antiquity
Betazoids Antiquity
Ferengi Antiquity
Andorians 1154 A.D.
Cardassians 1925 A.D.
Tholians Antiquity
Bajorans 2328 A.D.
Borg Antiquity
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