U.S.S. Bellerophon NCC - 74705

The U.S.S. Bellerophon is an Intrepid-class starship, under the command of Vice Admiral William Ross.


The Bellerophon was built at the Antares III Shipyard complex in 2371.

Dominion War

The Bellerophon was the flagship of Admiral Ross, and, therefore, it saw a heavy duty schedule with regular combat-related missions. Bellerophon also helped to solidify the Federation alliance with the Romulan Star Empire.

Notable Engagements

The Bellerophon was present at several small engagements, however, the largest conflict it saw was the Battle of Cardassia.

Post-War Assignment

The Bellerophon is one of five Starfleet ships exploring the Kaillera Expanse.

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