United Federation Of Planets

The United Federation of Planets is an inter-species alliance with over one-hundred and fifty member worlds.


The Federation was formed in 2161, its core members being humans, Vulcans, and Andorians.

Romulan War

From 2161 until 2166, the Federation was engaged in a cold war with the Romulan Star Empire until a treaty was formed over subspace radio.

Exploration I

The Federation enjoyed an era of peace and exploration from 2166 until the mid-2350's. In this time, the first three starship Enterprises were launched, and Starfleet gathered much astronomical and cultural data. In this period, several worlds joined the Federation.

Tzenkethi War

An obscure race, known as the Tzenkethi, engaged in military conflict with the Federation from 2354 until 2356. Casualties were light on both sides.

Cardassian War

In this time, the Federation engaged in light military conflict with the Cardassian Union. This lasted from 2357 until 2359.

Exploration II

The starship Enterprise-D was launched during this time, and conducted missions of exploration that gathered unprecedented amounts of scientific and cultural findings.

The Bajoran Wormhole was discovered by the crew of Deep Space Nine. Several new anomalies and celestial phenomena were charted, and the Gamma Quadrant was opened for exploration and trade.

Dominion War

With the early destruction of the starship Odyssey in 2371, the Federation and the Dominion were in a subtle conflict until 2373, when combined Cardassian and Dominion forces attacked Deep Space Nine. A large-scale military conflict ensued, which resulted in many casualties. A peace treaty was eventually forged in 2375.

Exploration III

The Federation is once again starting to explore space, now focusing on a newly-discovered region on the Beta-Delta Quadrant border, called the Kaillera Expanse. The Starfleet vessel Challenger has been assigned to help facilitate colonization, trade, and exploration in the area.

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