Tzenkethi Coalition

The Tzenkethi Coalition is a governing body led by the Tzenkethi. It is situated in the Alpha Quadrant.


Around 15,000 years ago, the Tzenkethi race discovered warp drive and quickly flowered into a great civilization of arts and science, colonizing many worlds and becoming the Tzenkethi Empire. It is thought their technology was equivalent to or slightly more advanced than modern day Federation Technology.

Civil War

Sometime around 13,000 years ago, the Tzenkethi fell into a state of extreme civil unrest, war and catastrophe. Based on analysis of former Tzenkethi worlds, it is possible that they were harnessing the Omega Particle, when their facilities lost containment. Civil unrest likely followed, which led into outright civil war.


The Tzenkethi were absolutely devastated. Their civil war had blasted themselves into the Stone Age, and heavy use of EMP and Subspace Weaponry had rendered all technology useless and their homeworld decimated
The Tzenkethi had to painfully sledge back through every technological stage of development, barely making it into space and reinventing warp drive.

Tzenkethi Coalition

Many Tzenkethi groups were located on different worlds, and once warp drive was slowly rediscovered a by a few, they were in danger of reviving old hostilities. Fortunately, pioneer deep space pilot Kzint was able to successfully propose to all groups a Coalition of all Tzenkethi worlds. The Tzenkethi Coalition was formed in 2057 Earth Calendar.

Federation War

The Tzenkethi briefly declared war on the Federation, from 2354 to 2356, for attempting to colonize an ancestral Tzenkethi world. The war lasted briefly with light casualties, and the Federation and Tzenkethi signed a peace treaty, which gave a small amount of Federation territory to the Tzenkethi Coalition.

Recent Activities

The Tzenkethi stayed out of the intergalactic politics scene for the most part during the latter 24th century. The Tzenkethi decided not to involve themselves in the Dominion War or any of the resulting post-war conferences and alliances, preferring to stay back and watch events unfold. Tzenkethi ships have been spotted loitering around in the Kaillera Expanse, leaving some to question the Coalition's motives.

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