Stephen MacIntyre

Stephen "Genesis" MacIntyre is an executive producer and co-creator of Star Trek: Challenger.


Stephen was born in October, 1992. He is currently fifteen years old, and a resident of Kingsburg, California. He enjoys playing volley ball, soccer, basketball, Guitar Hero, and Dance, Dance, Revolution.

Stephen's first experience with Star Trek was the final episode of The Next Generation. He saw it when he was only two. His first memory of Star Trek, however, is the pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager, which also happens to be his favorite series.

In late 2007, the idea of creating a Star Trek machinima with the Elite Force engine was voiced on the Star Trek RPG-X Forums. Several ideas were thrown around, until Stephen decided that there needed to be a definitive concept. He teamed up with co-creator Russell Liscomb to produce the idea of Star Trek: Challenger, which has since evolved into a full machinima project.

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