The Star Trek: Challenger machinima is currently in early stages of production, and is seeking writers.

Voice Cast

Current Status: Looking for voice actors/actresses.

Richard Miles - Lieutenant Commander Dexin

Priority Role: Captain Samantha Larson.


Production Team

Stephen "Genesis" MacIntyre - Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer
Russell "Smyth Wesson" Liscomb - Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer
Brendan "Brendan Janeway" Tedford - Writer
"SimmerALPHA" - Producer
"zEE" - Associate Producer
Timothy "TiM" Oliver - Computer-Generated Effects

In-Engine Cinematics

David "Infinity" Arrington - Lieutenant Commander Dexin


Season One

Current Status: Still in production.

"Unity", Episode One
TBA, Episode Two
TBA, Episode Three
TBA, Episode Four
TBA, Episode Five
TBA, Episode Six

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